Party at the Hub!


Try something different – an arty party at the Hub, tailored to your child’s interests. Everything created can be taken home at the end of the party and can be designed to fit a theme or specific interest.

We can manage parties for small to medium sized groups, and would suggest a maximum of 20 children per session. The cost of a party is £30, plus £6 per child. Parties usually last two hours, for which we’ll provide the setting and some room decoration, plus two 30 minute craft sessions. This should leave room for eating (30 minutes) and any party games that you want to run (30 minutes).

We’ll provide the tables and settings for food; and can provide food for an additional cost of £3 per head.


Here are some examples of the types of activity we might run for you:

1) Painting: we’ll provide a painting surface (cardboard/canvas/paper) with a pre-drawn template image for each child to customise and make their own. Aprons will be provided and washable paints will be used.

2) Card model-making: we’ll provide a pre-cut card shape which can be folded and stapled to create a model related to your theme (e.g. pirate ships, spaceships, animals). This can then be decorated with felt tips and printed details.

3) Badge making: a range of pictures and templates will be provided to enable children to make their own set of badges relating to the party theme.

4) Collage pictures: using a series of templates which fit together to make up a simple image, children can create their own unique picture using patterned and textured paper and card, which we’ll frame ready to be taken home.

5) Bobble heads: simple figures created using cone shapes (bodies) and balls (heads), they can be decorated using fabrics and collage materials.

6) Mask Making: paint and embellish your own mask to wear at the party; this may be pre-formed face masks or a unique party mask shape designed to fit the party theme.

7) Puppets: spoon puppets which can be decorated with fabrics, paints and other craft materials – performances can then take place in our mini puppet theatre!

8) Pebble pets: create a family of mini-pets and an environment for them to live & play in.

INTERESTED? Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you to discuss your party requirements.

*For example, some parents have expressed a preference not to create anything involving pretend weapons. We may need to be made aware of any allergies, too.