Mirfield Miniatures

CAH kids programme late 2018 p3

A wargaming collector’s shop based at Creative Arts Hub, we sell fantasy and science fiction miniatures – primarily Citadel Miniatures with a focus on Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar. We stock a range of basic model-making supplies such as Milliput, poly cement, and scenery (flock, trees etc) and limited quantities of Army Painter, Vallejo and Citadel Colours.

Our miniatures store consists of new and pre-owned figures, which are either entirely unpainted or which have been stripped ready for you to paint. These are offered at pocket-money prices, with standard miniatures ranging from 50p to £2. Special figures and larger vehicles will naturally be more expensive. Some of our miniatures are sold as regiments or armies, again affordably priced to offer opportunity for young collectors to build a range of miniatures without breaking the bank! We also periodically run workshops and courses to teach the art of miniature painting and scenery building.