‘Inner Plains’ exhibition – new at the Hub

The latest exhibition at Mirfield’s Creative Arts Hub showcases the work of Greek artist Lazaros Kaligirou, and explores the inner world through spontaneous drawing.

Leeds-based artist Lazaros was born in 1980 in the greek town of Ioannina, and is half-Cypriot. Lazaros’s first contact with art was in the local artistic workshop, where he became a student of the well-known Greek artist Eleni Botsiou. He studied Painting in the School of Fine Arts of Athens, in the workshop of professor Anastasios Christakis, and graduated in September 2005. As well as working on his art pieces for exhibition, multi-talented Lazaros also illustrates books and occupies himself from time to time by composing music pieces.

Speaking about his art practice, Lazaros reflects: “I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life, so it’s my natural way of life to express my being through artistic creation.”

“My process is very simple and basic really. I absorb observe and absorb the world around me, which to me is the reflection of my inner existence and then at the right moment, let the expressing of the personal universe inside flow outwards, which takes its form according to the necessity of the moment. What really matters to me is to be truthful to myself. Then I can be truthful to the world around me and thus, share my unique point of view and personal journey.”

“At the moment, I’m working on improvised, technical, pen & ink drawings with organic form tendencies, which I call expansions. I also create paintings, using oils and acrylics”.

Mark Milnes, Director of Creative Arts Hub, is looking forward to the new exhibition: “Laz’s work is very different to any of the that work we’ve shown recently.  I can’t recollect a drawing exhibition at the Hub for at least four years, so it’ll be really good to have one again. Lazaros’s work is spontaneous and playful, but conversely very controlled and careful in its execution. It’s lovely stuff, and I’m certain our visitors will find much to enjoy!”

There will be an exhibition launch on Friday 14th September from 6pm to 8pm, when you can enjoy refreshments and meet the artist. All are welcome to attend. The Hub is open from 10am to 5pm Wednesday to Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturday; the exhibition runs from Friday 14th September until 27th October 2018. Contact the gallery at info@creativeartshub.org.uk or on 01924 492775 for further details.

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