Mirfield Miniatures – our new shop!

Press release:

Mirfield Miniatures is a new wargaming collector’s centre based at the Creative Arts Hub art gallery – in the former Vale Cinema building in central Mirfield. Consisting of several display cabinets and an assembly/painting studio, Mirfield Miniatures specialises in fantasy and science fiction miniatures as well as historical gaming figures. Other basic modelling supplies such as glues, modelling putty and scenery basics are also available.


The modelling shop has developed as an extension of the many creative activities and workshops which the Hub delivers. “We’ve simply found that our audience, the children who have been attending our weekly workshops, have grown up with us and are ready for this”, says Hub director Mark Milnes. “I used to paint these figures nearly three decades ago, and made regular cash by painting armies for other people. It’s been a long time, and I’d forgotten what an absorbing and relaxing activity it is to paint one of these miniatures.” The figures are only an inch or so high, and are used in popular battle games such as Warhammer.

“The miniatures that we sell are largely pre-owned figures, and are either entirely unpainted or have been stripped ready for painting. We offer them at pocket-money prices, affordable to give the opportunity for young collectors to build a range of miniatures without breaking the bank. All of this fits nicely with our recycle and re-use ethic, and with our mission to support creative learning – and of course supports all of the community activity that we run here.” The Hub has also started to periodically run workshops and courses to teach the art of miniature painting and scenery building, and is just coming to the end of its first six week run. “We’re very interested to hear from any young artists who might want to have a go at this highly detailed, skillful form of painting. We’d also be keen to run a gaming club, so if anyone out there would like to take part we’d love for them to get in touch.”

The Hub is open from 10am to 5pm Wednesday to Friday, and 10am to 3pm on Saturday. Mark is happy to open the miniatures store out-of -hours and prospective visitors should contact him at mark@creativeartshub.org.uk or on 01924 492775.


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